Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not So Bright

Okay, so I was thinking.  I read recently that the Senate has passed a bill that would allow all illegal immigrants access to Social Security.  If this is true, it has got to be the most ill thought, lame idea I have ever heard.  We are planning to allow people who have never contributed a dime to the program access to its benefits?!
Are you kidding me!
That is pretty much the same as my company all of the sudden deciding to issue checks to people who have never set a foot in the building or done anything to contribute to revenue or profitability.  We just signed a bill putting our country another $1 Trillion in debt, and now we are going to totally deplete Social Security.  News flash to Washington, it doesn't need any help!
Again, I have not confirmed this story, but if it is true, congratulations to all of you who voted to put the current administration into office.  Just over a month in and we've pretty much decided our country should not survive.  Nice.